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Hi I noticed in your post that you might have a Ford 4400. Would you have a resource for a fuel filter for it? When I got my 1970 4400 someone had painted over them and I am not able to identify the filter.
Rats! I read this last thing Monday night and was down at my mother's house last night looking at the service manual but couldn't find your note.
Sorry, I don't have the manual with me, and won't be back down for a couple of weeks.
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Ct230, had injection pump rebuild from company in pa about 100 hrs ago dec 2020 about.
Rapid clicking noise when key turned on , will turn over and start dies immediatly.
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I have located my distribution box just don't know what is what read another thread that said pump should be marked with p return t and power be on c or o or PB mine has no marks Kubota l2250
About 6 years ago I obtained a Kubota l2250 and for the last 4 years I have been searching for the proper loader which is bf400g I found one my problem is it does not have loader control valve my question is what is pressure what is returned and in their power beyond