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Oct 26, 2022
yanmar YM186d
I broke the steering knuckle on my tractor. I have not been able to find a good used replacement. Any Ideas from anybody would be great. THANKS.
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I plead ignorance. Not sure what the steering knuckle is. Parts manual uses "case" when describing the gear casings. Can you give an old man another hint? :confused:
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HAHA, I am not sure that is the proper name. Number 16 left king pin support.
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Looks like it could be one of 3. Maverick or someone smarter than me may have to help you decipher which one you have.

More research shows the 180d uses the 3rd one shown on the parts list.. 194447-13812 Hoyes has a 180 parts tractor which uses that part number. No idea whether that part is there or whether in would fit yours. Yanmar YM180D Parts Tractor just Arrived - Yanmar Tractor Support Message Board
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Might be the same part. I think YM180 is the manual transmission version of YM187, the improved (slightly longer wheelbase) successor to YM186D.

And a question - How the heck did that break?
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HAHA, I am not sure that is the proper name. Number 16 left king pin support.View attachment 768607
16 = 194447-13810-X
16-1 = 194447-13811-X
16-2 = 194447-13812-X

According to the TOAD, 194447-13811-X is replaced by the 194447-13812-X.

Original publication.

It would be best to look at the NEWEST manual for the YM186, published in 2009 by Yanmar.
YANMAR YM186 PARTS MANUAL 2009 0CT10-G22801.pdf

Did you get the original King Pin off? It does have both bolts and sleeved press-pins.

In the past there were a few Yanmar Tractor Owners Group members who had access to Deere 50/55 series tractors and successfully matched their YM series king-pin. The JD750 or JD755 was a recent match last year. Some of the machine were the YM165, YM226, YM1401D and the popular YM240.

The real last ditch option if you can't find a match is have a machine shop measure your broken one and fabricated a replacement.

King pins tend to break when the wheels get into a bad bind in a sudden spin. Example would be entering a ditch and the wheels were at the correct angle to knee jerk to a direction to snap the king pin. When I'm mowing a ditch, I take extreme caution because of this very thing. Ford 8N and the Ford 1000 series are also prone to this problem.


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