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Feb 28, 2023
Hi fellas I'm new in the forum. Im coming for help . I bought a Yanmar 1700 (2 cylinders) and came with one injector pumping fuel (just a little) and the other nothing. After inspection I found out that the fuel pump has the fuel conntrol rack stock. I pulled out and found the dry side stock and the rack not moving probably the last owner put it back wrong . I took it apart and have everything moving again but after i installed the pump again and start the engine the idle was crazy high and the governor wasn't slowing it down or shutting it off at all . I have to close the valve in the filter to cut off the fuel. I will post a picture and please tell me if its okay like that or something is backwards. I need help with the back side the front is simple . I will appreciate your help .


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Moderator can close the post if want to. I solve the problem . The plungers was backwards the dot they have goes down not aligned with the dots in the gears.