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That's interesting about the "hose kit" connection. I have a 2017 XR4150HC, which I wouldn't think is much different, with no hose kit, and my backhoe connects to the two blue hydraulic couplers.


"if the backhoe works in reverse, just swap the hoses" Unless I misunderstand, it shouldn't be necessary to swap the hoses. Just change the blue remote lever to the opposite direction which reverses the direction of flow.
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That works too. I notice in your pic that you have a top link hooked up. I've tried both with and without the top link, and actually bent my original top link. It makes sense to me that it should be there to keep the assembly stiff, but I haven't found anyone else who uses the top link. What is your experience?
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I asked about the toplink in the welding forum. I pretzeled the original link due to the frame mount bolts slipping on the powder coating. I went and bought a new link from TSC that was longer and retightened the frame bolts. I haven't had a chance to tear the frame apart after shoulder surgery and not having all my tools at the location of the tractor makes things rough when your tools are pneumatic.
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My dealer supplied the Top Link and told me to use it, so I always have. I can't imagine using my backhoe without it though, there would just be too much slop up and down. I don't have the luxury of any easy digging. I live in the Rocky Mountains and only dig rocks or stumps; lots of bouncing around.
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I wonder if that's what happened to mine. I'll have to re-torque the frame bolts and see if that helps. I bought the one from TSC to replace the original. Perhaps another, longer one dedicated to the backhoe would be a good idea.
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I have three sets of remotes on mine, blue-green-brown, male/female for each set. I just plug them into one of the pairs (usually the blue one I think)
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Why couldn't you just plug it into the unused blue remote? That's what I do with mine