Will zipper cream peas climb?

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Mar 13, 2011
western east central texas
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After planting purple hulls for years in my small garden we switched to zipper cream peas the last couple years. I had the idea of putting some sections of cow panel (the ones with probably 4-6" squares) in the rows in hopes they might climb instead of just being a bush. Supposedly they are semi-vining but not sure exactly what that means. Would it be worth my time to put the panels in garden or waste of time?
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Do you mean zipper peas? Or cream peas? As in Cream 12's or cream 40's? I've never heard of zipper cream. My pea seed people are telling me there was a crop failure on last year's cream peas for seed.
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Not sure. At the local feed store they called them zipper cream peas.
My peas did good last year.