Who makes the best New York style Cheesecake?

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Feb 21, 2003
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While not made at home, who offers the best real cream cheese New York style cheesecake?

My vote is for David's in Manhattan, New York. They are a certified Kosher bakery and their cheese cake is to die for. They offer 2 day guaranteed delivery (via UPS) and they come carefully packed in a Styrofoam cooler in dry ice.

Not cheap but oh so good. The cheesecake you get in the local grocery is a poor rendition of genuine New York style cream cheesecake

Our favorite is the one with Strawberry topping but they offer many varieties.

We also get Strawberry Hill Povitica in the English Walnut variety. They are in Kansas City and ship via UPS 2 day as well. Povitica is Polish Nut Bread btw.

We both have a sweet tooth as you can tell..... (y)