Where to get tire repaired??

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Sep 27, 2004
upstate South Carolina
Kubota M6800 4WD
I ran over a pointed beaver stump and punctured my front tire, size 9.5x24, which has a tube. Of course replacing the tube is easy but where should I go to get the tire repaired. The puncture is on the center of the tread and is C shaped. It looked small when deflated but when my shop placed the new tube, iot gaped open exposing cut cord and maybe even the tube itself. It is about the size af a quarter but more of a flap with about a 1/4" gap. My question is, since there are no specific tractor tire dealers around here, where should I go? Would you trust a regular auto tire shop or is there a special shop that speciallizes in larger tractor or truck tires? What is involved. I assume a patch on the inside and the outside need to be filled with a putty. Does a auto tire shop have the materials and knowhow to do this repair? If I need a new tire, what should I expect to pay for a Firestone R1 6 ply radial in this size?? Tractor is a M6800 4wd.
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I don't know if just any old tire store can do it but maybe they can. In our little town, the two tire stores handle both auto and farm tires so it's not a problem. A hole the size of a quarter should be relatively easy to fix. They'll put a rubber "boot", a piece of rubber, on the inside of the tire to protect the tube and cement it in place. That's about it. Usually there's nothing done to the outside. With a hole that size there should be no need to replace the tire. I'd call around and see who can do it for you.

I've got a friend with at least 6 "boots" on a rear tire. One of these days he's going to have to break down and buy a new one 'cos it really looks bad but as long as he keeps on fixing it, it keeps on running.
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The front tires are pretty simple for most tire shops and I would imagine that just about any that you go to will be able to handle it for you. For the larger rear tires, I have to go to a tire store that deals with 18 wheelers. They don't even hesitate on what needs to be done, while a more automotive tire shop seems to spend allot of time wondering what to do, or just flat out saying they are not interested.

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