WANTED parts for MF31 Sickle mower (need Dyna balance crank & sheave)

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Apr 21, 2012
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I need a crank and sheave for this Massey Ferguson MF 31 sickle mower. The crank is no longer available, looking for used parts. I have the AGCO partsbooks, the crank (part#24) is red, = NLA.

I'm pretty sure the fwd crank bearing zerk was never discovered thus never got greased, then the bearing went out and the dyna-balance couldn't balance, shaking the opposite end (worse) until the heavy sheave broke off the crank end. All the other zerks showed frequent greasing with black moly, but the fwd bearing zerk still had factory grease that was dried like brown wax, and no moly grease at all. I don't think it was ever discovered. The rest of this mower is in very good condition and it was stored under cover.

If anyone has a crank & sheave for this unit I'm very interested. It's a task to remove the crank, you may prefer to send the whole wobble box. The MF-31 has a cast iron wobble box and the newer MF 41 box is made of plate-steel, welded up. A good pic of MF31 HERE. I doubt the crank from a MF41 will fit, but would like to know that. One of the pics below shows both MF31 and MF41.


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