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Apr 21, 2012
Cascade Mtns of WA state
Kubota B-series & Mini Excavator

I just bought a 2007 BX24 with FEL, BH, 4' PTO driven field mower. Anxious to get some work done. I have a road to maintain, and forestland cleanup, landscaping. Interested in a thumb, and whether it can be hydraulic.

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Welcome to TBN :)

I moved your thread to the Kubota Owning/Operating Forum.
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Your BX24 will do ALL that and more!!:thumbsup:
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Welcome neighbor!

I have just about the same setup that you do. My mower is a little smaller, but I'll get over it :) Also have a LandPride tiller.

I also have a Bro-tek mechanical thumb on my '24. It's pretty new to me and I'm still learning how to use it. Moved a few large rocks so far.

If you machine doesn't have them already, I'd recommend a set of crunch plates. ASAP. I'm definitely older, sadder, and wiser when it comes to the unprotected belly of a '24.

I'm using the set of 3 Bro-tek plates, and the BXpanded armor also looks good.

Enjoy that machine,
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Welcome to tbn and enjoy the tractor.
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Found a new way to have transportation with me when I go off to work in the woods.