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Sep 27, 2004
upstate South Carolina
Kubota M6800 4WD
I am purchasing a Kubota LA1002 loader for my M-6800. I believe it comes with a control valve and all of the hydraulics that are required. My question is that I plan to add a Markham grapple later and it seems an electric over hydraulic valve is the way to go. Does this third function valve replace the control valve included with my FEL, or is this an addition? If it is used instead of the regular FEL valve, will my dealer replace the normal valve with the third function valve and adjust the price. I realize the third function valve is costly ($575 for a W.R.Long valve). Should I go ahead and install the costly valve now for a grapple that I will add next year? Would that be less costly in the long run?

Any opinions on brands of third function valves or comments on their installation? Obviously I am pretty ignorant about these as I have never used one. Cost is not my primary concern, for I would rather "do it right" rather than regret a compromise later. I want a FEL and grapple that I will be happy with long term. Any advice would be appreciated
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The 3rd function valve from WR Long is a seperate valve from your FEL valve. It would be easier to plumb it all at the same time, and may save money since you can get all the hoses correct the first time.

If you search the terms "wr long" and "3rd function" you will find hours of reading.
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Kenny is right about it being easier if you are ordering the tractor.
Get them to install the 3rd function valve and they should do a pretty good job of it for you. There are lots of threads about guys adding the 3rd function valve, hoses, fittings, brackets and such themselves. I've done that 2 times myself and it is quite a bit cheaper than having the dealer do it. It's a learning curve but can be done even by novices like I was when I started.
Here's a link to the last one I did for my wife's tractor. She actually made her bucket grapple herself from scratch.
My Very Own Grapples