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May 16, 2018
North Idaho
LS XR4145C
I needed to be reminded of a spec for my tractor, so I went to Home - LS Tractor USA like normal. I was not greeted by the usual and familiar home page, but an updated one! And, of course, my XR series tractors are no longer listed. :cry:

Looks like they have a parts lookup page too, but at this time, it is not working, least not for me.

Anyway, I'm glad to see LS getting with the times! (y)
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The online parts lookup worked for me. Maybe it was down for maintenance when you checked.

Great that they added the online parts.
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Nice update, parts worked for me.
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Yep. Its working now. Good to see that feature added. Should probably download or screen shot each page! :oops:
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I noticed that the fuel filter on the parts list is not my fuel filter. Wondering if they are making a production change.
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I also noticed that the XR41XX aren't listed. I hope it's just an oversight.
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Listed as XR4100
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Is the XR line discontinued?! I've now got an obsolete tractor?! Must go upgrade immediately.... oh wait, this isn't an iPhone.