Tree cutting accident

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It shows a person at the top of a 100' palm tree that's leaning over really far. He tops it, and the tree violently swings back and forth with him hanging on for the ride while people on the ground cheer him on like a rodeo rider.

That's insanity.
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Felling trees is very dangerous as so much can happen real quick. Over the years I have had some close calls and have been lucky not to have been hurt. Now at 80 years old I am much more cautious as I am not as quick as I used to be.
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But the chaps are designed to stop the larger saws made running at top RPM.
Doesn't matter. All of the chaps I've shopped have the same warning, that they will NOT stop an electric saw. Gas saws only.

I can make some guesses as to why, but not being my area of expertise, I'll just take the experts at their word on this.
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I have the rare pleasure of having watched my middle-school shop teacher get nailed in the safety glasses by a knot ejected from a table saw running on the far side of the room, while he was explaining the importance of safety glasses to another student. I have honestly never seen a better-timed answer to any debate, ever.
Safety glasses are cheap and more comfortable to wear now than they ever have been. Only problem for me is they fog up on me sometimes. But I still use them
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I am not the safest person around or the shapest saw in the shed, but I have not killed myself yet. I have a Stihl 311 that I use relatively reagurally around the farm. Chainsaws scare me so I am more careful when using it than with many power tools, but I still get in a bind sometimes. Where I am working now the trees are so close together they often do not fall down when I cut them down. Maybe I'm unsafe or dangerous but I find a way to get done what is needed.

<shruggs> I eat when I'm hungry I drink when I'm dry If a tree don't fall on me I'll live 'till I die.
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I've cut from a ladder several times, BUT...

...the ladder top was tied to the tree. If the bottom was knocked aside, I still had a ladder to use.

...I was wearing a climbing harness that was fastened to the tree.

...I had a watcher

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I think the point is that the chaps will gum up the chain, yes, and the gas saw will be at 0 RPM on the chain and just spin the clutch if you keep the throttle on.
The electric saw probably doesn't have a clutch because it doesn't need to have the chain stop while idling... because it doesn't idle. So if you gum up the chain with chaps, but you still have full torque available at 0 RPM, you'll run out of chaps real quick.
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Aroumd here, saws are so dangerous, that no logger is allowed to have one by the insurance co. They will use a limb saw if necessary.