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Bobcat CT445

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Jan 30, 2019
Bobcat CT445
I have a 2010 CT445 SST that is due to have the hydraulic fluid changed. My question is has any one used Mobil Delvac tractor hydraulic fluid. I had a little sticker shock when I saw the price of the OEM oil. I'm not trying to cheap out but wondering if I really need to use Bobcat oil, any help would be appreciated.
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Engine Oil is CK4 (suspercedes CK3 - for diesel)
Hydraulic / HST oil is GL4 and cross-references to Mobile 424 (specialized additives 10w30 for hydraulic)
Manual allows engine Oil based on temperature range: 10w30, 15w40, or 5w40 full synthetic (hint: Mobil 1 Delvac ESP full synthetic ,Mobilfluid 424}
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I have a 2010 CT225.
I use Tractor Supply Traveller Hydraulic Oil.
It just hit 900hrs.