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This dealer has the 2 tractors
listed listed below:

K & S Tractor Sales, LLC
703 E Slaton Rd
Lubbock, TX 79424


LS MT240XR3135 35 HP
LS MT 573 73 hp

This info is for those looking for a tractor
I have nothing to do with the dealership.
I ordered a tractor from them that's all
so if this info will help someone looking
for a tractor Great!

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I'm glad I was able to get my MF GC back in December. Just happened to catch one in route to another dealer and they were able to pick it up when it was unloaded. Just stopped back by the dealer last week to pick up some filters & oil to have on hand for the first service. Wasn't anything on the lot. When something does come in it's already spoken for by someone.

Looks like JD in my area is having the same issues - at least with garden tractors. Had to order a x750 last month and wait for it to be built. Early estimate was delivery in mid July. Spoke to dealer a few days ago and the sales guy said it has been moved up to end of June. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Best of luck finding and getting what you want. Looks like patience is the key now days.
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I visited my local Kubota dealer today to discuss a minor hydraulic leak on my new L2501 and pick up some supplies.

While I was there I wanted to check out their current inventory on the lot. They had 2 Grand L’s, 3 standard L’s and 6 BX tractors (I don’t know if any, or all were pre-sold). In the back lot, they had at least 8 tractors in crates waiting assembly.

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Getting my LS Monday I ordered it on 5-25 not to bad. Much sooner then I thought.
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4 months out for a 25hp Kubota, 2 years out for the new Kubota mini track loader !
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Does it have to be brand new from dealer? I got lucky a few years ago with auction and got a great deal on a low hour 50 HP LS.
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I live in Colorado and have been searching for a new 40-55HP HST tractor in the range of a DK10 Series Kioti, I've looked as big as LS MT347 but that is a little bigger than I need, etc. The local Kubota and John Deere dealers are completely out of stock. I'm willing to take a Kubota, Kioti, LS, TYM, JD, but nothing. I've called in Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, Kansas, and every dealer I call is either completely out of stock, or has one or two units that don't fit the bill.

I'm willing to take a road trip to get what I want. Anywhere west of Ohio is doable. Is it the same everywhere? Dealers have tons of units listed on their websites, but when you call, they just want a deposit for delivery "sometime". They can't even say when and they can't even quote a firm price.

For Kioti, check out True Value Trailers & Power Equipment in Penrose, CO. They currently list a couple of DK10's on their website: Tractors For Sale | Pueblo, CO | Tractor Dealer. For LS, call Penrose Tractor Factory at 719-372-6366. Their website doesn't currently list their tractors.
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If there is one thing less available than new equipment today, it's lightly used pre-emissions equipment. It doesn't often come up for sale, but when it does, it is gone within hours, often sold sight unseen over the Internet to somebody a long way away.

For tractors, we still can get them with little trouble. :)
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I guess I bought my new tractor just in the nick of time. Took delivery in February, one month before the majority of folks started looking for equipment for the new spring season.