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May 2, 2021
Mahindra 26xl Max
During glow plug warm up on my Mitsubishi S3l2 the fuel pump continues to run and loads up the cylinders with fuel causing hydraulic lock. How is this supposed to be regulated?
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You need to STOP and talk with your dealer about the problem, hopefully it's under warranty. Keep going and your most likely end up benting a connecting rod or worse.

The reason most likely for pump run is one of the fuel injectors is dumping fuel into a cylinder or maybe pump timing issue is causing the hydraulic lock .
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I understand the mechanical risks of hydraulic lock. I am able to resolve the hydraulic issue by unplugging the fuel pump Electrically until the glow plugs warm up. Not under warranty. My real question which I can’t seem to find an answer to is; what is the Mechanism for spill back and or pressure control on this engine.
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Spill back are you referring to what I think of as the return fuel/leak off lines. If so that is controlled by the injector design. Also the injection nozzle is simple a hydraulic valve operated by fuel pressure.
When the pressure against the annular area of the needle valve exceeds the preset pressure of the spring, the needle then opens and a measured amount of fuel is injected.
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