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Do you bring in the back of your truck to the fuel station to fill it? Then unload it at home....
Yes, load and unload with pallet forks. But I’ve been thinking about getting a small trailer to haul the UTV. I could strap the fuel tank on the front of the trailer and just leave it there.
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Super Glue your aerosol spray can straws on to the tip when the can is new and it will always be on the can. Carb cleaner works for cleaning before gluing.
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I write the oil drain plug size on the fill cap. Crawl under with the correct size wrench every time.
I put the oil quantity and drain lug size under the hood, written with a permanent marker.
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If your project table is too short just stuff the legs in a longer piece of pipe. I used 12" long pieces of 3/4 PVC pipe to gain 6" of table height here.


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Growing up we had a family friend that ran a gas station / repair shop...the man had made a "tree" that would hold a a couple dozen quart sized oil cans (before plastic bottles)...on angled plates connected to a 6" dia. pipe that was necked down and attached to the top of a carboy with a tap at the bottom...He did quite a few oil changes a week...and would use the oil from the carboy whenever he could...
So what is a "carboy"?