That Neighbor You'll NEVER Plow Out / Snowblow Again !

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Feb 12, 2006
Central New Hampshire
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Let it rip !!

I've got two:

1) Guy I used to work with..... lives around the corner. Twice now has asked me to clean out his driveway (he rents). Says he'll happily pay whatever its worth to me. Property owner is supposed to be doing it, included in the rent (he claims). Hasn't been seen since. Figure after the first time, no big deal, he'll get me on the second one. If I did it a third time, I'd be the fool for sure.

2) Guy up at the corner. He has a walk behind blower, but after the last storm he asked if I'd clean out the end of his driveway (town plow does a good job of filling it in) since it would "take six hours to clean out with my walk behind". No problem. Been a week ....... have yet to recieve a simple 'thank you'.

For the record, I have an elderly couple across the street I clean out free of charge. The husband is in no condition to be shoveling their driveway (its small)...... yet he is frequently out there with a shovel in his hands. They have never asked me to do it, and always make it known they appreciate it by thanking me. Couple storms ago they slipped me a bottle of Crown Royal. :licking: I'm happy to assist...... perhaps someone will do it for me one day when I'm old?

But whats up with the able-bodied younger guys expecting it to be done, no compensation, and not so much a simple 'thank you' ?? :confused2:
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My neighbour across the street has been blowing my sidewalk clear for me without my even hinting at it, so last week I bought a lovely Thank You card and slipped a little something inside it ($100 bill) and gave it to them. They would have continued cleaning my walk for free even without a thank you, but I figured they have money invested in their blower and gas and oil and wear and tear on the machine all cost, so a little $omething was fit and proper.
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I've got 3 guys who didn't pay. One is well to do, keeps saying he'll pay someday since 4 years ago. One is a small business owner who has hard times but he's got a sizable bill I've carried 3 years. Last is a renter, convinced me to drive 45 minutes to open up a house that was vacant all winter, spent over an hour then he tells me he has no money, try calling in a few weeks. Never saw a penny.
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I have two neighbors who pay every time. Was warned about another neighbor up further who has bad checks all over town and has been caught stealing cigarettes when invited into the house. When he asked if I could do his driveway I told him the two I had plus my own was all I wanted.
If pressed, I might have agreed to do his as well, but I work strictly cash in advance, so watch the weather forecast and go to the ATM before the storm hits.
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So lucky that my neighbors are all appreciative. I would never take a penny from them and never do it expecting anything in return but a simple thanks goes a long way.

I have one neighbor who shovels and I made the mistake asking if he wanted help one day. He said he was all set but I could not stand watching him. Should of seen the look in his face when I showed up and told him to get out of the way. What takes him two hours took 10 minutes.

Be kind, pay it forward, and do it because you want to. If you feel like you are being taken advantage of don't do it.
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Pre tractor days, we had a big dump of snow and I was clearing neighbour's drives with my walk-behind blower. A guy across the road and down a bit asks me if I'd do his drive. I said sure and asked if there was anything in the drive I needed to avoid. Nothing, he says. Right after I start, the blower "discovered" his snow shovel laying in the snow. ****! I changed the shear bolt and asked if there was anything else. Nothing, he says. 10 minutes later the blower gobbled up the newspaper in a plastic bag. Oh yeah, he says, I forgot about the paper. Double ****! Never again!
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I don't know. Where I come from you just help out your neighbors. Sure some give back and some take all they can get with nothing in return.

No different than family IMO.
If you give a loan or do a favor for a family member it's best to just expect nothing in return. Otherwise it creates hard feelings. If it comes back to you..all the better. No different with neighbors IMO. YMMV

I'm not referring to those that plow for money where payment is expected.
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I do several of the neigbors sidewalks and hilly drives, with all my snow weapons.

Most of them I do not expect to be paid, but once in a while they give me a gift certificate for a local resturant :licking:
One of them, a single mother was unemployed for awhile but she always sent a thank you note after every storm, that goes further than money some times. Now she has a job and includes a little money with the note.

Another is a Doctor down the street, I was not gonna do his for free since it was a little out of the way, but he asked to do it for hire, for $50. or 75. over 12 inches, so why not, his is the smallest one of all. He comes right over the next day to pay no problem, but the last clean up I did, he hasn't paid for, it was a light snow, I let my 12 year old son do it with a shovel for some spending money.
He may of been out of town etc. so I'm not sure what to do, just let it go or remind him he owes? I already paid the kid :confused:

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Expectations are premeditated resentments, lol. When I got my first walk behind (we were in a new sub division) I helped out neighbors with big snows. After a couple of years I am of the mind that if you own a house in the $400-600 range you should have what it takes to cut the grass and blow the snow, OK that is a rationalization to keep me on my side of the street. Mind you two heart attacks and a by pass have slowed me down some too, lol.:confused2: I like the pay it forward idea too.
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If you do it as a job, then you should expect to be paid. If you do it to be a good neighbor, then you shouldn't expect to be paid. But that doesn't mean a thank you or a little money for gas isn't appreciated.

I have been doing my neighbors sidewalk and driveway with my walk behind for the last 10 years. I have never asked for a dime but he usually gives me a nice Christmas gift or sends us out to eat at a nice restaurant once a year.
I am retired and he works long hours for little pay, it's the least I can do to make his life a little easier.