Tell us something we don’t know.

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Postal and train service , were meant to be just that, a service.
While the trains were originally all privately held, the government takeover was to keep it cheap and reliable.
Neither of which the trains are today as they keep talking about profits and forget what the reason was for government takeover.
Having Government appointed heads of the service has just led to less money going into the trains and more into non-train "services" (waste/graft).

In other countries like the UK, they privatized the trains and costs went up significantly so they could be profitable. My coworkers pay hefty sums to live outside London, but in no way can afford to live closer or withing the London border.

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Joshua trees makes the drive from Vegas to LA so much better.
Fascinating trees.
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I lived in JT from 1980-y2k. I had a little 2 horse trailer and a good mountain horse. Armed with park topo maps, water, and hard tack I explored a million acres of wonder while locating many old gold mines, abandoned homesteads, and live springs. Elevation went from about 2-6k ft. Spring and fall were the most hospitable seasons but always a risk packing off into the desert alone. It was good for the soul. I still have a Dall sheep skull with a full curl in the attic. lol