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Feb 12, 2006
Central New Hampshire
Kubota B3030HSDC
Been keeping my eye out for a few suitcase weights to use on my tractor. Shipping them across the country would seem to be prohibtively expensive when it comes to say.... purchasing them on Ebay. Has anyone had any cut out of heavy steel plate at a steel shop? Anyone got any pics of some that were made. I'm thinking i'd like "real" suitcase syle weights, as opposed to a ballast box filler with concrete, as i'd like to be able to move them from front to rear as needed. Any thoughts?
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I bought mine from a dealer for about $36 each plus tax. They're 40lb each. I think you would have to layer any kind of metal to get that kind of weight. Surely a dealer near you has them.

Where are you located?

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I have a couple tractor dealers near me. The parts guy at the NH / Kubota shop told me that they have specific weights for specific brands.... and when i told him i had a Yanmar, he just gave me a dumb look and scratched his head. The were eighty dollars for a forty pound weight (though, according to him wouldn't hang on my tractor properly). I'm in New Hampshire, which isn't as big of a farming area as , say, Nebraska. Probably not as likely to find too many used ones out my way. I'm in the process of making a bracket to fit my 3PH, so i'd like to find some weights before i finish it so they will fit and lock on properly before i get too deep into it.
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I'd like to find some that fit here.


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Go to any John Deere dealer and get them. Of course they fit Yanmar, that is what small Deeres are. I bought them for my YM 1700 Yanmar, and painted them sage green. Now I have a Deere and am painting them back to JD Green. They weigh I think they say 42 lbs a piece. On the 1700 it just took 4 to fit, the front. I only bought 3 so I had to make a wood spacer to keep them in place. Which worked out OK as the Deere only holds 3 unless you went to the outside of the bumper, then it would hold 5. I don't remember, they were somewhere between $35 and $40 a piece.
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</font><font color="blue" class="small">( I'd like to find some that fit here. )</font>

Try you local john deere dealer, ask for weights to fit a jd 4100, they are the same as original Yanmar 20kg weights

Should be able to fit three.

Hope this helps............... /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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I would think any import tractor dealer would have some like these to fit here.

When this tractor gets a paint job these will be painted green /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif


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Great ! I'll take a poke at my Deere dealer, since that is where i bought the tractor anyway. I'd like to have three or four hanging around.
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Eddie those are the exact same thing that you buy at John Deere, I have 3 of them out in the garage, that I bought from them. And the guy that says ask for the ones for a 4100, I don't think they have different sizes, if they do they only showed me this size when I asked for suit case weights. They didn't ask me what they were for.
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I know i've seen a few that hang/mount differently than what i'm looking for. No matter what color they come.... that is easy enough to change. I've got a deere dealer twenty miles north, and twenty miles south of me.... i'll get to one or the other in the next couple days. Thanks for the advice !