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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
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We did something for the first time ever on the 4th and that was to purchase two used Go-Karts.

The kids are 13 and have never any RV of any type with an engine. The daughter has been pushing for a 4-wheeler but for several reasons that was not a good option. We got one 2-seater 6HP kart that my son claims and a single seater with a 5HP B&S engine the daughter claims.

The two seat kart jerked like crazy on take off even after the owner had replaced the belt and variable speed pulley. That turned out to be a simple fix by reversing the belt and making the arrows that state Toward Engine point towards engine. I question if the oil had ever been changed in it.

The one seat kart worked fine but the gas and oil showed signs of water because it set outside and uncovered for the past two years.

We removed the gas from both and changed to Rotella Synthetic 5W-40 engine oil. It took a lot of flushing with gas then diesel to get the stuff out of the 6HP engine but both are running OK now but still have some idle issues with the 6HP Tecumseh engine.

These karts cost a lot new but were $150 each but the guy with the 5 HP had purchased a new like spare engine and demanded $50 for it to get the kart but the cart has seen little use. Hopefully they will last until they get bored with them.

Now they have a machine they can call their own and keep running. :)
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Kewl!! , But where with they attach the FEL??:D
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I wanna know what size shredder you got for them to train with? :thumbsup:
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Sounds like they should have a lot of fun.

My dad got us an old gas powered figure eight track car from an amusement park when I was that age and we had lots of fun for years!

Be safe but enjoy!
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Pixguy they are having fun. They are doing some serious work on them. My son's had been run with the belt backwards so when we did turn it around it did not last long since it was already chewed up pretty bad so I got a new one yesterday. He put it on backwards and I asked him what he did wrong AFTER the fact. :)

He learned it was easier to force a new belt on than off. The goal was to get him to pay attention to such details. :thumbsup:

I was looking a one at TSC yesterday and was taken back by the low price based on the features but not the quality. Where ours are USA built it was China through and through and built to sell at a lower price point.

After paying $27 for a new belt I ordered two of the very same brand off of Amazon last night for $32 to the door.

I was taken back the way they pimped them out with wild colored foam tubes and different color zip ties. At least they are more safe now. :D
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They'll be talking about that buggy for decades!! :thumbsup::thumbsup: