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Feb 28, 2010
Ahoy everybody. Have had a EA2400 Yanmar (same as SC2400 CC) over here in Australia for a long time. It's been awesome. Mistreated the front axle with the FEL on hills with no back ballast a few too many times and it has started to make a bit of noise somewhere up front only when 4wd is engaged. Parts not easy to come by over here as since the tsunami in Japan they stopped importing the Yanmar EA2400 into Australia so have just been avoiding 4wd as much as possible, but something will eventually give. I picked up a bargain price second EA2400 for spares and looking to make one good tractor. It has never had a FEL on but makes a noise up front when not even in 4wd, just coasting. Hoping they are two different causes and will get a good front axle out of them and I'll stop mistreating it! Any advice?
So I'm getting psyched to step outside my comfort zone with this axle thing and my old original faithful has just stopped while mowing. Still has good battery power, but won't even try turn over, fuse ok, seat safety thingy bypassed. I'm not a mechanic, any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Is it possible for the uni joints (?) of the front diff (propellor) shaft to be that whacked out and loose that they can make a noise when engaged? Both tractors front wheels when lifted and turned sound similar, not grindy at all actually. I'm hopeful all those front end sounds are coming from the shaft and not the front axle, fingers crossed. Is dropping the axle oil out and checking for any metal shavings worthwhile?
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Reason found for stopping dead while mowing with MMM, and then not even turning over was PTO fuse. Hopefully just a worn out fuse and nothing more sinister.
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Probably not your problem, but maybe helpful? My SC2400 was making a screeching noise in 4wd. I tracked it down to the carrier bearing which supports the front drive shaft between the transmission and the front axle. I was unable to take things apart properly but did lubricate the bearing and silence the noise (temporarily). That was about a year ago and it is starting to intermittently make noise again. Of course it does it in the winter when I need it for snowblowing.
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Thanks, something to keep in mind. I've pulled out the shaft and am getting the uni join replaced. It was flogged out majorily, so likely and hopefully the cause of my noise in 4wd. The other tractor had not had the pin whacked through the spline properly and has flogged out the other side of the uni join where it slides onto the spline. Not sure how I'm going to stabilise it but it'll be tolerated for now. That could be making the noise on that one. Just gotta wait for some parts...