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Same issue at my prior company, with several of the top executives having been born while FDR was still in office. Had one ransomeware virus take a $60M/year company down for more than 2 weeks, thanks to one of those dinosaurs blindly clicking on email attachments. Cost us somewhere in the $5M neighborhood in lost hours and equipment, by the time it was all said and done.

God bless you, if you're in your 70's and still have the gumption to work. But hire them a computer-literate secretary, so they can continue on what they know, don't put vulnerable technology into the hands of these people!

Reminds me of a comment made about the early nuclear arms race, leading up to the Cuban missile crisis, that the Generals and elected officials trying to navigate this new technology had grown up and fought their first wars on horseback!
You my friend are part of the problem in thinking it should be every man for himself and allowing those we pay to enforce the law set on their butt doing nothing. Law enforcement has become an agency to be weaponized against political foes instead of serving all citizens. Everyone whether old or young, illiterate or college educated is vulnerable to exploitation in some facets of life. I recall when (yes I've circled the sun many times) you would find yourself busting rocks if caught monkeying with U.S. Mail. IMO that should still be the policy. Do you believe it's excusable to cheat a yuppy on car repair simply because he is naive? Do you believe the largest and strongest deserve to cut in line since no one in line is capable of putting him in his place? Do you excuse exploitation of children too young to know the ropes or just old people? What cartel or gang that lives by running roughshod do you belong to?
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You my friend are part of the problem in thinking it should be every man for himself and allowing those we pay to enforce the law set on their butt doing nothing.
I'm really having trouble understanding how you drew that conclusion, based on what I posted. Perhaps you need to connect the dots for me, or make fewer assumptions about others have on their mind. And precluding an insult with "my friend" doesn't make it less of an insult.
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I got taken for a couple hundred last year. A friend of a friend that I know almost well enough to call a friend had some stuff for sale on his facebook page. Looked legit and I know him ended up claiming some stuff and using one or the other paypal type of accounts to send him the money. Then the language started sounding less and less like the way American's talk and he miraculously had another of the thing I just bought, but i have to pay for it now I can't give him cash when i go pick up the first thing....

I got with my friend and it turns out the guy's Facebook had been hacked and several people had been taken. Was not able to get my money back as fraud could not be proven...
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I get phishing emails/texts on my work email/cellphone every single day. Most times it goes right into the spam folders, which I do have to check occasionally in case a legit email slips in there.
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I just received a text message that something could not be delivered because of an inadequate address. They wanted me to fill out a bunch of personal information. They quoted a tracking number. I put that tracking number into the post office tracking site and the results came back as an invalid number. Investigating further I concluded the source of the message was Great Britain, or one of the islands in the area. The folks had duplicated part of the USPS website. It pays to be cautious.
I get those frequently, immediate delete.