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Mar 19, 2008
Hi everybody!

Gona' throw this one out to those who know more than I do:

How much "ballast" is needed on the front end of a 2305 with a 647 tiller
on the rear? I understand that the tiller weighs in the neighborhood of
321 pounds, and I really need to know so I can keep the front wheels
on terra firma.

Thanks for all your responses.
Joe :D
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I have a 5' King Kutter tiller which is supposed to weigh 700lbs. When I had my 2210, all I ever needed was the loader on w/o the bucket and that was fine. No loader on and I could lift the front end up with 2 fingers!! Now on my 2520, I dont need front end weight, I have to really pop it in low range to get the front wheels to come off the ground.
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The loader is probably the best, but you could go to suitcase weights in the front. The problem is that you can only fit 5 with the standard weight bracket, and if you have slopes that may not be enough. Deere does make and extended weight bracket that I think takes 7 suitcase weights though. :)
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JG Joe,

Suitcase weights are one of the best improvements I've made to my 2210 period. I spend a lot of time with the loader off and front weights almost become a necessity for me. Regardless, they dramatically improve handling with the loader on too. They give the front tires a lot more purchase when doing heavy work and really help with the steering too. I used to lose traction, now there are times I run out of power first. It's almost a poor mans version of a bigger tractor.

FYI, I've actually got "Ariens" brand weights from my local JD dealer. The 2210 fits eight of them nicely @ 35lbs each and they don't interfere with anything.

JC Joe


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Interesting!! Suitcase weights and FEL ... is that with or without the bucket?

Strange, I could have sworn up and down that someone said, or somewhere I read, that you need to remove the front suitcase weights when utilising the FEL.

Any ideas, ya'll, as to how much the FEL and 49" bucket weighs, as opposed to the suitcase weights -- 5 times 42lbs = 210. With the imatch and lift arms the tiller does "stick out there a bit."

Too many thoughts and ideas right now for me ... let me take my meds, and continue "my education" with the wonderful posts here on the forum. I really do appreciate all the help and advice given here ... many of us read, and I don't think enough "thanks" goes out. Why? Because some of us don't post; we mostly read. So, again, THANKS!

Joe :D
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I have a Howard HR6 tiller on my 2210. I have suitcase weights, but don't use them when tilling. If anything I would like a little more down pressure on the tiller. The tiller has skid plates on each side which I will probably raise a notch so I can take a bigger bite with the tiller tines. Right now I am probably breaking the soil 3 or 4 inches deep, I think 5 or 6 inches would be better.
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I run my 2305 without suitcase weights pulling my tiller all the time, tiller comes in at 415 lbs. I've put them on a couple times and it does plant the front end better, but I've never gotten the wheels off the ground with the tiller back there.