Replace 'foundation' under a 10x16 garden shed

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Apr 21, 2012
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Bought a rental house and it has a garden shed in the back40. I'm going to build a lean-to on it and park a vehicle there (out of the seattle rain which has come with a vengeance).

Funny thing is it's been sitting on firewood, on the dirt, for 25 years at least. Basically I know the elderly folks that lived there would be the ones who put firewood under it and I KNOW they were unable to do such a feat of engineering in the last 15 years so I'm guessing 25.


I had it all planned out to lift it with the tractor but apparently it weighs more than 900 lbs! (wet). It I shoveled the moss of the roof that might help but this little floor jack does the deed. Won't shovel the roof off until I get the new roofing onsite.


Notice there is no rim joist, and each floor joist has its own pierblock, which some are concrete, but as the outside blocks pressed into the dirt were replaced with firewood as accessible.


I'm going to put it on three 6x8s. Hopefully done this afternoon. Feel like I'm polishing a turd, but I need to get a vehicle out of the rain and this is the quickest way to get a little shed.
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Shoving a 17 foot 6x8 under jacked shed with the tractor

Now sheds sitting on two 17 footers. Can lift it higher to level new pier blocks. Maybe I'll pour them.

Here's the 3 6X8s. Job's going faster than expected, might have it by end of day!
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Looks like a good plan to me!
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Well it was a good plan. I decided to treat the beams with Penofin, and have to wait for them to dry (been out in the rain). So now have time to add complication, have decided to move it about 3 or 4 feet.....
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I've got an 8x10 shed that was just sitting on the ground, one corner started to sink finally. Tried pier blocks but wasn't about to go underneath it so it had a sag in the middle. Finally lucked out and found 3 12' railroad ties and moved the shed, dug out and leveled the ties and backfilled to level the pad. Put the shed back on them and capped the sides with old fence boards to keep the varmints out and banked dirt up to keep the runoff from going underneath. Not a perfect solution, but it was cheap and should last for quite a few years, enough that it won't be a problem for me, at least. It sits level and the floor is solid, and it keeps things dry so that's all that matters.
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Not sure yet how to support it, pierblocks ontop of the dirt are not confidence inspiring. I might dig holes and use concrete, maybe pot the pierblocks I have in on concrete.

So started process to move the shed. Will move it 3 feet, maybe 4 if its willing. Lifted my 17 foot 6x8s and set 2x8s underneath, with 3 layers of soapy black plastic as a slider bearing between the wood.

Heres a pic of the support beam sitting on a 2x8 with 3 layers of soapy black plastic between.


I predict it will slide easy (hope it doesn't get going and can't stop!) Most likely problem is - it slides off the side of its 2x8.:shocked:
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OK here we are 2 hours later. It slid so easily I had the song "greased lightning" in my head the whole time. Got it moved 4 feet, now off to the store for some concrete mix.

Here's pics


Cable chained to adjacent tree to align the pull.


All done, moved shed 4 feet, ready for foundation. Then add a roof on the right side and have another dry place to park. Then polish this turd ,,,,,,, and get the yard landscaped ,,,,,, and ,,,,,,,,and ,,,,, then fix up the house to rent.

Cable hoist. These hoists were on sale at Northern Tool for about $100 each, I like them. Rated at 1750lbs, came with a 100 foot spool of 3/8 cable. The hoist will travel along the whole 100 ft cable, all the way to the hook. Only hassle is dealing with the 100 feet of cable that you don't want to kink.

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Nice job! I like the character of the shed. It would make a great fur shed.
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I poured 6 "footings". Currently waiting for them to cure, will continue when the rain lets up. The more work I put into it, the more work I have to put into it,,,,because now it's all "straight".
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Update on status of the sorry little garden shed. It's up on 3 6x8 beams, level, plumb, and now has a purpose! I ordered steel roofing, which cost more than expected, $477 for 432 sq feet (24x18). Still need some kneebraces on the beam, and really lots more work,,,,, Metal roofing comes next week, and then have to find a door and cut in some windows, make a window flowerbox and get ready for springtime.

The sorry little shed (BEFORE)


Now it has a purpose!