Problem with Bro-Tek Wheel Spacers on new BX25D

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Nov 2, 2014
Laplata, MD
Kubota LX3310
I went to install wheel spacers on my new BX25D yesterday and ran into an issue. The rear spacers went on fine.

When installing the first front spacer, as I tightened the spacer to the hub using the stock bolts something didn't feel right, almost felt like the bolt heads were stripping in the socket. As I pulled off the socket I noticed metal shavings in the countersunk holes around each bolt, and noticed that the bolt head flats were cutting into the countersunk area and that only about 1/2 of each bolt head was accessible in the countersunk area far enough to allow contact from the socket.

I then struggled to get the bolts back out due to the limited bolt head contact area. Has anyone experienced this issue? Almost seems that the angle of the countersunk area in the spacer is too great for the bevel on the back of the bolt head allowing the bolt to seat too deeply and allowing the bolt head flats to begin cutting into the countersunk area, or the stock bolt bevel has changed and is more narrow.

I emailed Bro-Tek, waiting to hear back. Any chance the front wheel bolts changed in on late 2014 BX25Ds?

Does Kubota offer 1.5" front wheel spacers for a BX25D? thanks...
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I had no issue with my install. I put 2in on the rears and I believe the fronts are 1.25in. Bro Tek had excellent customer service so u would expect them to resolve your issue shortly.