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Sep 17, 2009
in-between tractors
Tractor is a '79 model 1700 Ford, 4wd with old 5 ft finish mower and 6 ft scrapping blade. 1400 hours runs good stored outside so the appearance is so-so at best. Has 770 front loader and 5 ft bucket.
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so what is the question? buying or selling? any pics?
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Selling unfortunately. Question is what is it worth.
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Selling unfortunately. Question is what is it worth.

Sorry that you're getting rid of it, I think at least it's worth around $5200 give or take $300. I saw many beat up 1700 without the loader that they were asking around $4000.

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I bought mine for $5k in January 2014, 1900 hours, FEL with 48" bucket, new loaded rears with 220 lb additional center weights each, 70% fronts, mechanically very sound, definitely not a parade tractor. I had been shopping seriously for about 3 months when this became available. I feel it was a fair price, the more I use it the more fair I believe the price.

Sorry you have to part with yours :( Right now I'd have a tough time giving mine up. It's the perfect size out in the woods and has power, weight, and traction that makes it a real work horse.
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Thanks for the feed back. Not excited about selling but am moving to a smaller lot and really won't need this much tractor. I am not ready to part with it, but moving it 1000 mile to where it is not needed, doesn't make much sense either.