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Feb 23, 2021
2017 LS XR4145C
Been reading this forum for a few years and just recently joined. I’m looking to upgrade from my 2017 LS XR4145C to a larger size/Hp tractor. I spoke to one dealer within 2-3 hrs of me and got a cash price of $58,200. Does this sound about right, or should I push for a little more off?
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What options? It looks like there is $11K difference in MSRP between just cab and ROPS?
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I have just recently been quoted (by two different NH dealerships) at $60,000 and $65,000 cash price on a Powerstar 75 with cab, radials, dual remotes, etc. I do love the 90s though, because they bump up to the bigger frame in the Powerstar line. One of the above dealers has a PS100 new on the lot for $77,000. Would love to find my way into one somehow. What dealer are you talking to? Sounds like I need to meet him. (I won’t be buying until first of next year, btw, just in time for inflation to decimate me, lol.)