planning stages for a grapple

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I also want to be able to stick the tines underground and use it to get the roots just below the surface
Works perfectly for that . Last year we made a new food plot in an old straw field by sinking the teeth about 4 inches and just driving forward pushing everything up in a pile after multiple parallel passes we had a pretty good seed bed . Not as pretty as a disked field, but adequate for a plot
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Here's a later picture of a 5 year old well used grapple. Note the homemade grill guard behind it. I'm a beginner welder but it works

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Too bad Markham is out of business. I wonder if North American Implements in Denton NC is the same bunch? Same city. Products look the same. I would look at their light duty grapple or their NAI grapple and see if they would custom make one of that design but using 1/2 steel and spacers between the tines and 48" wide with one thumb. In my opinion, that's the perfect design for 35 to 80 horse tractor. Markham made mine in only several days or under a grand if my memory is correct. I operate mine with a WRLong electric over hydraulic valve. Works great. Have really abused mine but only show a few minor bends in the pacers between the tines.
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I'm considering this one in 48"

W.R. Long Loader Open Bottom Grapple 2 for Compact Tractors