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When I first got the M6040 - I used the parking break. I forgot to release a few times - it was immediately obvious, though.

My cure - I simply DO NOT use the park break any more. Dip & drop the grapple - drop the rear blade. I have no "hill" on my property where this procedure will not hold the tractor.
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Maybe Kubota will appreciate the feedback and put parking brake warning lights on all their tractors. My 1985 M5030 has a parking brake warning lamp, M59 has two, one for each parking brake. B20 had worse parking brake design making it Unreliable and had to use the loader as a parking brake. B26 much improved but needed some modifications to make it user friendly for a number of users.

Sometimes I wonder how the tractor manufacturers appreciate their customers. Ergonomic parking brakes, grill guards for brush, tool boxes, under carriage armor, light guards and chain boxes should be standard equipment for this type of machinery.
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I keep a bean can in the drink holder. Put brake on and put can over the gear selector that's in neutral. Got to remove bean can to shift and that's when I try to remember why the bean can is on there...ha ha ha.
Goofy but it's failsafe.

That is so simple it is ingenious. It gets my vote !! Might use a spare glove or what ever but it is the idea that counts. Thanks for the idea !!!!!