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Aug 19, 2008
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Looking for feedback on newer Volvo excavators, for quality/resale value. I am only familiar with CAT, so any comparisons would also be helpful.
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I have minor experience as we run two EC35 mini ex's here. They seem to hold up well but when you do need parts (and with construction equipment you WILL need parts) volvo holds nothing back on prices. I just had to replace the lift pump on one of them and volvo wanted something to the tune of $700 for a new lift pump. I ended up getting an Oreilly's 40psi diesel buzz pump for $30 and it works just fine.
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Run far away quickly. Everything you can do on a Cat or John Deere, takes 3 times the effort on a Volvo. On top of that, there is ZERO dealer support. You quickly pay dearly for that low up front cost.