milwaukee battery 1/2" impact question

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Haa....that woulda been nice, but no such luck. Just reading the replies. Im leaning toward the mid torque honestly as it is considerably lighter and should do all i need since my air impact always has. Still not 100% sure thoughf it is just for occasional use and seeing that you have a 55 horse power tractor

If it is only for occasional use and seeing that you have a 55 horse power tractor with associated implements I would likely go with the bigger one (2767), which is what I have. Especially if I had to tackle something out in the field on an implement that may have a fair bit of rust on it. The smaller one (2962) might not have enough power to take something like that off. I do see the benefit of the lighter one for more continuous use and getting into smaller spaces. I am still on the fence about getting it myself and having both.

Just my 2 cents.
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I have a Milwaukee 1/2" from maybe 10 years ago. Not sure which model but it's done everything I have asked of it. I think I got it about the time Milwaukee's red lithium batteries came out. It doesn't have the power of my Air Cat impact but it doesn't need to. I don't know why anyone would think that changing one set of wheels (all 4) would cause the battery to drain too much to finish the job? It doesn't even register on the charge meter.

As for which one to get? It's not just how much torque it has. it's it's over all size. Often there's places too tight to get mine into. A smaller lighter one is not a bad thing.

As for all tools made in China are the same, wow, not likely. If so then the cheapest line at HF would be just as good as their Hercules stuff. I have a few Bauer and Hercules tools and I like them. But they are not built to the same level as my Milwaukee stuff. China will build exactly what you want.

I buy what I think will serve me best for my needs. I don't always need top of the line or want to spend that much. Other times I want to buy once and not have to worry about it. Unfortunately HF track record with being able to get replacement batteries has been questionable so I avoid their tools. I really like the Atlas pole saw but 10 years from now it'll still look new but if I don't think I can get a replacement battery for it I'm not going to buy it.Too bad someone doesn't make an adapter so you can use other brand batteries.