MF165 Problems after lift cover reinstall

   / MF165 Problems after lift cover reinstall
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actually he starts talking the good stuff at about 6 min in. I wish I would have found this video prior to my second install. But now I have a good idea.
   / MF165 Problems after lift cover reinstall
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Ok. Worked on the tractor tonight. It's working correctly. Mostly. LOL. The position and draft levers rides in the quadrant and pick up some rollers. Well tonight I relooked at everything. Turns out that the position looked like it was in the correct position but it wasn't. It needed to go into the quadrant (hoop?) further or I had it sitting on the wrong two rollers. Once I took out the lift cylinder housing I was able to figure it out. I don't see how I messed that up. The above video helped a lot because that nice man moved the draft and position levers and showed how everything operated. That was a huge help.

The only thing left, is when the position control is up I hear the engine bog slightly and keep bogging. If I move the position lever down slightly the bogging goes away. I haven't looked at the other info ScipioUSA sent yet on adjustments but I am hoping I can do that adjustment on the thumb screw that contacts the barrel. If I can't I will have to add a hard stop to prevent the bogging. It isn't bad but I know that isn't correct. I know that the lift cover isn't coming back off. I am over that part of my life. LOL.

Anyhow thanks for the help. My next task is brakes. That looks like a very very fun job. Not.


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Brakes arent necessarily so bad if you are just having to do a simple replacement. But if your tires are loaded, BE CAREFUL! They can flip over on you surprisingly easily!

Bigger thing will be if your brakes dont work because they are oil soaked, that turns into a bit more of a project...
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I had a similar problem with Position Control on a MF 135 Deluxe. Here is a link to the thread:
Massey Ferguson 135 position control not working. And, like you, I was able to repair it without knowing exactly what adjustment corrected the problem. I still watch this forum to see if someone documents the fix precisely. I'm glad you got the Position Control working, but frankly, I was hoping for more. Anyway, I think we are getting close(r)...
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The one lever is not sitting on the roller
pry spring back and see if
You can get it back on
The quadrant assembly should have two rollers one is for draft other is for position control have seen them rust off also then you can repair it or find good used one
Most that are that old usuallly don’t come apart
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Did you ever get this thing working