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Dec 24, 2015
Massey Ferguson 135
I have just been through the fuel sender and fuel gauge blues.

Both my original sender and original meter were faulty.

What is staggering is that it seems that where I live anyway most dealers seem clueless that the sender and the meter have to be matched.
You cant get the impedance in ohms data of the required meter nor can you get the sender ohms range from the dealers.

The cheap Indian seller's meters are the wrong ones for the type of senders we can buy as aftermarket. In short, the sender and meter should match which is I suppose common sense.

I contrast this lack of data with the Automotive fuel gauge and sender market. They clearly provide the data so that you get can get the job done.

I am just posting this data for anyone who wants to change their fuel gauge and sender on the MF135 and want to check things out using basic checks.

It appears that the original senders were 30 ohms, you can easily measure this with a multimeter. Make sure your sender matches your tank size. The sender need to to travel the distance to the tank bottom to read empty correctly. There was a large capacity MF135 tank and a regular capacity one and the sender travel depth varied depending on the tank

So the sender is 30 ohms.

The original meter should read 50 ohms plus or minus 10% Between the B and T terminals. I used a high accuracy low ohms meter that is far more accurate that a regular multimeter on low ohms.

The meter should read 232 ohms plus or minus 10% between the B terminal and the meter/case ground terminal. This 232 ohms I think is the nominal stated range of most meters (240) ohms.

The meter should read 181 ohms plus or minus 10% between the T terminal and the meter/case ground terminal.

I believe I have a after market meter marked "AC" which a direct replacement for the original MF part.

If anyone gets a sender and new meter it would be nice if you can post the data so we can at least try and understand what sender matches what meter.

I also tested a Indian sourced MF135 meter marked 240 ohms with a red needle and red markings for a 1/4 tank. This meter is not compatible as a drop in replacement for the original MF135 sender and is not an original compatible meter. This Indian meter need its own compatible sender. They may well be standard in India MF135's but certainly dont match UK/USA/Canada MF135's fuel gauge sender and meter. Buyer beware!

I am not an expert on fuel senders and meters and I was just fixing the fuel gauge and meter on my MF135. I just got frustrated with the lack of data in their catlogs and dealers who are clueless about something that they should know about and provide data for. Something that automotive catalog houses clearly provide.

Cheers and Beers
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I also tested a BareCo meter which was loaned to me by the local dealer to check if my sender was working. This meter is a match for the BareCo 30 ohm sender.

This is reading for the BareCo Meter.

B terminal to T terminal 96 ohms +-10%
B terminal to GND terminal 204 ohms +-10%
T terminal to GND terminal 108 ohms +-10%

I will try and figure out how these meters are shunted for different senders and see if I can re-shunt the wrong meters all to work with a 30ohm shunt as a learning exercise.
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Thanks for the research Charlie, I'm gonna have to go there eventually.
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Well, it's 6 years later; did you ever figure this one out. I have gone through this ad-nausium and I'm still stuck with about 10 gauges and more senders. I have three 135's and none work correctly. I have one original sender that I've paired with a CrossCreek gauge and that combo seems to work pretty good. Trouble is that the sender ohms are OL from 1/2 tank upward. At least I'll know when I'm getting close to empty. This is true of both my diesel's. My Continental gas is still a work in progress. Different part numbers for the Perkins diesel (189132M91) and Continental gas (189160M91) and I can't find a sender that works on the latter.
I also tried electronic gauges from China and they only work for a few days. Very nice gauge but it must be dirty power that's screwing them up.

Thanks for the hint on how to check ohms on the gauge. I didn't know how to do that so pairing gauge and sender should be easier.
But, I still pulling out my hair. It's a crazy business; you'd think someone would have it sorted out..
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bought a guage and sender on eBay
Put in my 30b I got running works great when full says full when empty tractor dies😉🚜