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Oct 30, 2014
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I have the rear wheel off to change a tire and found the two screws that hold the hub on missing and the brake shoes and everything inside the hub covered in oil. No wonder the brakes don't work on that side. I assume some seal is leaking. What kind of job is replacing the seal going to be? I had a guy working on this tractor a few years ago and so the shoes look new. Something must have happened then, and he must have neglected to put the screws back in.
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The screws missing are not critical as the lug nuts and wheel hold the drum on.

To replace the axle seal, the axle will have to be removed and disassembled.


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I have a MF 35 1962 and agree with Tractortech. The screws aren't the issue. The axle seal(s) will be dead. I've not needed to change mine, tho I did on my Ford 3000 where a press is required for the outer seal, so beware.
Also, I wiped/soaked/heated my oil soaked shoes and they improved but aren't good. Seriously consider buying new, tho perhaps run using the old ones for a month or two so you can check that the leaking is over.
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Aren't the screws used to remove the drum? I thought I remembered something about that.
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Aren't the screws used to remove the drum? I thought I remembered something about that.
The screws are there to retain the drum, not to remove it. And I agree, they are not all that necessary. Once the drum and wheel have been "married" to the axle for few years the drum won't fall off when you remove the tire and wheel.
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The inner seal, the one in the trumpet housing is the one that keeps the brakes dry. the one in the bearing retainer only keeps the grease in the bearing and dirt out of the bearing. Replacing the inner seal may or may not stop the leak. Why not? If the axle play is excessive the bearing allows the axle to lift away from the seal.
How do I check and or fix it? Block the tractor up, remove both rear wheels. Turn one axle flange, the other should turn the opposite direction. Try to push the axle in and pull the axle out. There should be no play. To adjust. Remove a shim or two from between the trumpet housing and the bearing retainer. Reinstall axle, check as above. If both axles turn the same way you need to reinstall one shim until the turn opposite. It is not usually necessary to replace the outer seals, They are a lot of work to replace!!!

The axle bearings are tapered roller, when axles, bearings and other parts wear end play allows the axle to "come out" of the bearing and the trumpet housing "falls down" on the axle this allows the axle to lift off of the bottom of the seal resulting in an oil leak and poor brakes

As for the screws--be glad they are gone-- it they get tight from rust -- well just say it a job to get them out.