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Mar 14, 2016
Greenwood, DE
Mahindra 2555 HST cab
Has anyone had any issues with the replacement fuel filters? Particularly the Bosch fuel/water separator. I had two on my 2555 and I'm having trouble with the tractor stalling not getting fuel. I checked the tank the fuel lines going to the filter, I tried blowing air through the tank trough filter to supply line on the pump and nothing.
I can only thing that the filter is failing. Any information would be welcome.
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Have you cut one open to see if the fuel might be jelling inside the filter.
Are these the genuine OEM filters?
Also do you have one filter assembly and problem with two separate filter's.
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I'm going to cut it open in a few. This is the replacement the OEM has recommended. I just pickup a NAPA filter that may work I will see how it works.
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My friend called and told me he thinks my tractor is fixed. After hrs of trying several things, cleaned the tank, replaced the flexible lines, filter a couple of times and I don't what all else. After all this it would pull 10 lbs of vacuum out of the tank. He then checked the petcock coming from the tank and found it had a little less than 1/8 hole, which he drilled out to 1/4. AFTER ALL THE HRS WE WORKED ON THIS TRACTOR IT WAS FIXED WITH A DRILL BIT. I wonder if this was used on all the tractors in this line or mine was a wrong part that worked for a little while?? Tractor had only 250 hrs in 15 yrs service might have been giving trouble. Maybe now we can sleep better and stop pulling our hair out.
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Hay boy, thanks for the reply.
My tractor 2555 does not have a shutoff valve. I cut the filters open didn’t find anything out of the ordinary other than some excess glue. I changed to a NAPA filter and have not had any issues. Actually ran for hours mowing and baling hay.
My conclusion is the Bosch filters are faulty.