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Apr 5, 2021
Mahindra 5010
My 5010 hydro just started acting up. The tractor will not run forward or reverse after a few minutes of operation. I have noticed that it will start to slow down in its travel speed and then when I stop the direction of travel, the foot pedals will not move the tractor forward or reverse. The loader and 3pt hitch will still work as expected. If I let the tractor sit for 4-5 minutes it will start moving again, only to slow down and then ultimately stop moving in forward/reverse. I am slightly over on my scheduled maintenance at 600 hours and the hydraulic oil filters need to be changed at 550. I called the dealership and they are suspecting a bad hydro. Does anyone have any information on what I can look for as indications of a bad hydro and is there a chance that an oil/filter change will improve the HST function?
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did u check the levels?
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In 2019 my 2815 stopped moving also , no forward or reverse and first thought was HST failure. Another symptom was steering. It turned out I had just lose a hydraulic pump. Word to the wise if it does turnout to be a pump then you might want to consider replacing both as you probably loose the other later. I lost the other pump a year later.
Service manual will show how to hookup a pressure gage to check the HST.
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