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Nov 2, 2014
Laplata, MD
Kubota LX3310
I had a terrible time getting my BH77 back onto the tractor, like more than an hour of frustration and attempts. Yes, I know how it goes on. For those with this setup, is the U cradle at the bottom of your tractor subframe really tight with the BH and pins? And is the area around your upper pins equal on both sides? 4 pics below, 1 is the left upper pin, then lower pin/subframe, then upper right pin, then right lower pin/subframe. Notice how on the upper left pin, there is equal spacing on both sides of the pin between the subframe and BH, but on the right side, the subframe is jammed to the left and a larger space on the right side of the pin. When I rotated the BH up and into position, the right side kept hitting rather than drop into the slot.




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I agree that right side arm is too tight to the left side. Can you flip the right top plate over? That looks like it might center the frame to the BH better.

Looks new so I would consult the dealer with these pictures. The other possibility is there is a shim missing on the tractor subframe mount.
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Looking at it, I don’t believe pieces of the subframe can be reversed. My local dealer is coming this week to pick it up and install the grapple and fill the tires. I’ll ask them to look at it. Curious whether it’s confined to my tractor. 7 hours.
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Wonder if the subframe got racked during transport?
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Fabrication tolerances of the BH77 frame and subframe components are subpar. Tolerances for the BH92 parts are terrible. Good design, sloppy execution.
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Left side.

Right side.

Your subframe mounts appear correct, compared to mine.

Bottom u-brackets have very little tolerance.
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Wonder if the subframe got racked during transport?

IDK, I was here when the truck arrived, the tractor and BH appeared to have been transported correctly. I believe there are multiple problems. I'll take a better later, pic #1, it took me 2 hours to get the upper left pin out, it was completely stuck, I couldn't rotate it or move in back and forth. . The right side was perfect, just take the pressure off with the bucket and it wiggles, removes and inserts perfectly. The left upper pin was stuck and the T bar was jammed in the safety hole. I soaked it in penetrating oil and after ~2 hours, was able to tap it out. I cleaned the pin with emery cloth, did the same to the holes, and it's still almost impossible to get it all the way through by hand. It appears that the center 'sleeve' on the upper left subframe was welded in at a slight angle. There are no signs of damage, but I can insert the pin through the center part of the BH, if goes half way through the sleeve and starts to get tight, then the sleeve pushs it down so that it doesn't want to go into the outside part of the BH. Then on the otherside, the subframe doesn't center between the BH. Not sure if there are adjustments, I sure don't see any. The subframe is either bolted on solid or it isn't.
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Appears the 'sleeve' or center bearing surface was welded in at an angle, lower on the left and forces the pin down in the left side. I'm thinking that both sides of the subframe were either built last thing on a Friday or first thing Monday morning after a long weekend. Botton pic shows it the best, angling down to the left. I have to tap the pin in with a hammer.



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Sloppy manufacturing, typical of BH77 and BH92 mounts. A carbide burr in a die grinder will open up the pin bosses a bit. A good job for the dealer to take care of.
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Dealer should be able to tweak with porta power to give better fit.
Use my Enerpac maintenance kit porta power for fabrication and repair to adjust such things. Good to have some experience with this kind of adjustment.