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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
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Lucas Hydraulic Oil Booster & Stop Leak : Lucas Oil

Add to go to Lowes today to pick up a pipe fitting that I broke off of the backhoe boom with one of the stabilizers after getting it mired down yesterday. Thankfully on the 4th Lowes had the pipe fitting and a #6 Eazy-Out so I to work today. While in town I stopped by O'Reilly's and picked a couple quarts of Lucas Hydraulic Oil Booster.

After adding just a quart to 20 gallons I found the hoe was digging a bit better. I am in a swampy area cleaning out some ditches put in using a 36" bucket trackhoe 10 years ago. It is mainly clay/sand/water which can be very hard to break-out because the bucket tries to create a vaccum when lifting out of the muck.

The tilting occurred because I was able to break-out with more in the bucket and when turned 90 degrees to dump with fully extended boom the BH tilted to the side of the bucket. Since it was only a couple foot off the ground I let down the boom and the tractor set back down flatly.

While more power can be subjective the one thing that got my attention was the sound of the engine. When digging it was actully causing the engine governer to respond. With the JD 310B (1983) I normally dig at 12-14K RPM. More RPM's does not give more break out power.

This my first time trenching. I was inline with the ditch when I got stuck in a major way but over time worked. After that I had to work from one side.

I will watch the result of the Lucs tomorrow.

Does anyone have any good/bad experiences with Lucas Hydraulic Oil Booster?
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Thanks for the info, always looking for new miracle drugs here! I must note that the Lucas top end gas additive didn't come out too well in the lubricant tests, though.

And the old story about additives that restore seals and stop leaks--do they swell up and deterioriate?

But I've always been looking for a good hydraulic additive and assuredly will purchase some of this, even just to smell it and pour some over ice. ha ha

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I know the feeling. Lucas was something that I Black Listed because of their displays in parts stores.

The guy that mounted my thumb and rebuilt the buckets on both ends of my MH showed me a gallon jug nearly empty that he had put in his Ford backhoe that was leaking and it helped he said. I used it more for a lube.

Lucas stated you can go up to a 20% mix but I just went with a 2.5% mix. I think because of all of the bypassing when working a hoe hard it is harder on hydraulic fluid than many other applications.

I know a guy with a shop that was trying to save a guy a seal job in an old car with a front transmisson seal leak and when he added the Lucas transmission sealer it shortly blew out the front seal and the ATF started pouring out.
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Well a couple years later doing some serious digging and clearing an acre of row crop land that has been idle for 30+ years using the backhoe for a dozer digging and pushing over stuff up to 6" diameter I noticed some serious dripping of one hoe cylinder and another seep that was not getting better.

So yesterday I stopped by Tractor Supply Company and picked up a gallon of Lucas Hydraulic Booster and Stop Leak since I was going to be moving some dirt at church where they are leveling up to pour a small basketball court.

After moving 3 buckets of dirt with operating temps all the way up I put all but maybe a pint into the sump and moved about 5 more FEL buckets full then went around and started back to clearing the acre that is going to be new parking by the end of the summer if the BH and F700 stick together OK.

The serious leaking of the stick cylinder and it fact it was not dripping at all. Run time with most of the gallon added was about 2.5 hours total with the hoe use the last hour. Two years ago I had added 2 quarts as noted above. The 2.5% mix back then did the trick plus I had used Renew TSC fluid for the 22 gallon change out. One gallon gave us about the 5% ratio because we had added a couple gallons of UTF after the last use of Lucas Hydraulic boost (it beefs up the additive package of of UTF).

Got to hit the road into NE, SD and ND calling on customers so I wanted to get this gallon mixed well and around the seals before it sets for a week. It did seem to help the forward clutch lock up too as I was able to get it to lock up in 2nd high range and it actually pulled a steep hill at 2500 RPM in that gear (6th per the label) and never went to slipping.

Again this is a totally worn out 1983 JD 310B back hoe (a mistype if I every try to sell it on here :) ) and that stick cylinder is welded up but I think $30 for the gallon may buy us some long time. We still have a lot of cleaning up at the house too but digging/loading 100+ loads of gravel is going to be a real task for it this summer. At $10 gallon for top grade UTF this Lucas should pay for itself it the drips do not come back all summer long.
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Wallace tractor recommends it in the sump of my Kioti for notchy shifting, when I did it, it helped quite a bit. CJ
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CJONE that is interesting coming from a tractor dealer. The UTF needs changing due to age but still looks like new in the 265 MF. The right brake was grabbing so hard when pressed for the first time of each use and one quart in that 8 gallons helped with the grabbing issue and slowed the PTO seal leak. Seems like used at the rate on the bottle has no down sides. Perhaps since UTF starts out as 20 weight the pump does shear it to a lower viscosity?
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Better viscosity like you said, I believe it would help the fluid run cooler also. Maintaining the Vis would help the pump be more efficient and build more pressure over the relief. Anyway I don't believe in "snakeoil" but this did help my shifting just like he said it would. CJ