LA120 - Greased spindles (and idlers !) on 42" mower deck (with PICS)

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Apr 21, 2012
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I bought this mower with 155 hours for $950 (with bagger), in the winter, from a "mower flipper". I see these go for $1200 in the springtime (around here).

So far the only problems I've found I had to put tubes in the front tires, and still fighting a slow leak on a rear, even with a liquid stop-leak in it. I looked at several 'garden variety' riding mowers for around $500, I hope the paying double for a Deere 'pays off'. I'm certain I could sell it for more than I paid for it (if I sell it in the springtime).


I chose the LA 120 because it has "DUAL INTAKE". Yeah baby! I can mow grass allover the poor sucker who has single intake. Does anyone know what year model my LA120 might be?


After removing the idler nuts the bearings were rusted to the bolts. A little PB Blaster (a TBN favorite ! ) loosened the rust to tap it off the bolt.


The idler bearings are "permanent" in the idler pulley. One of my idlers sounded 'dry' and grumbly but the bearing was still reasonably tight. I drilled a 5/64 hole in the seal.


Here's the hole.


Pumped new grease into the old bearing. If it can last (10?) years with no grease added I suppose it will last awhile longer now.

Lumax LX-1415 Silver 3-5/8" Needle-Type Adapter about $12. There are several options. The tapered point type seals tight and is better for this application than a hypodermic type. Another brand is Plews.


Wiped the greasehole clean with a solvent (carburetor cleaner) and covered it with Permatex Ultra gray silicone. I've used normal silicone before and it holds on greasy surfaces. But I wipe it as clean as possible just in case.


Mower blade spindles are mounted on four bolts. This mower was assembled with the grease zerk oriented in the ONE way that it was impossible to grease the spindle! Consequently I wonder if it had EVER been greased in the 150 hours since new.


I removed the four bolts and rotated the spindle 90degrees to get a grease gun on it.


Pumped the old grease on thru.

The mower deck is noticeably quieter. A quiet deck is a happy deck.


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The first 2 digits of the code number on top the valve cover are the numbers of the year the engine was manufactured anyways. Congrats on getting her fixed up!
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That would be a good way, thanks for that!!

There's 2 (same) white barcode decals on the engine cowling, on each side.
They are towards the middle of the engine (and above) but 4 inches rearward of the valve cover.
If it IS the white decal; the 1st 2 digits are "06" suggesting engine mfd in 2006?
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That would be about right.