Kubota mini excavator KX41-2V left track issues

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May 15, 2016
The left track of my excavator (Kubota KX41-2V) does not have enough power to make a turn.

I replaced the left final drive but that didn't solve the problem.

So I connected an extra set of hoses directly from the control valve left travel section to the drive motor, but no difference.

The 'auxiliary' (for me the thumb) function is on the same pump. When I connect the hoses directly from the auxiliary section to the left drive motor both tracks work fine!

So I concluded the rotary joint, pump, and drive motor are okay.

I tried swapping the spool of the left track with the spool of the right track, but again no difference.

I suspect the left travel section might be broken, but how can I be sure? I could take the entire main control valve out, but that looks like a big job, and I don't see any wearable parts, so would that even be fixable?