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May 8, 2017
Texarkana, TX
Kubota MX5400 HST, heavy duty bucket, 3rd function, R1 tires (rears filled), 2 remotes
I am close to buying a new L series tractor. I have seen "equine discounts" mentioned here. Kubota's website mentions a "Customer Instant Rebate (with cash)" of $1,200 and a "Equine Instant Rebate (with cash)" of $1,000 for all L series tractors.

What do I need to do to get these discounts? Just ask? Fill out a form? I can't anything more specific on the website other than the link above and this:

"This program applies only to members in good standing with the National Cutting Horse Association and other qualifying national or regional equine organizations."

Just join the NCHA and tell them?
I used the Equine discount back in March of 2021 and got 20% off of tractor and any options that I was able to add on the Kubota build page. Basically my MX5400 went from $37,500 to about $30K.
You might be better off now to negotiate without trying to use the Equine discount.