Kubota D1105 replacement?

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Aug 24, 2016
Wytheville, VA
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I have a turf tractor that's currently powered by an aging Mitsubishi K3D rated at 25hp. I've been told the Kubota D1105 (28hp) is a direct swap, as it was offered in the same chassis.

My hydro trans and PTO boxes are rated for 50hp. The axle is rated for 80hp.

I was just wondering if any other 3cyl diesels offer more horsepower with the same mounts. If I'm going to bother with the swap, I might as well go for all the power I can bolt in without modifications.
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Mitsubishi is a much better engine.
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I'm not sure... but you, along with everyone I've spoken with, say the Kubota 1105 (28hp 3cyl) was a vast improvement.

By the way, Xfax... I've since sourced a killer deal on some air cooled 2cyl diesels. They're parallel twins, rated @ 20.5hp.

I know it would be a louder and weaker (although, I doubt my K3D retains more than 18hp) engine... but my thoughts are this:

#1- it would be lighter

#2- I could replace the OEM radiator with a high capacity dedicated hydraulic cooler and electric fan

#3- the higher operating RPM might let the hydraulics perform a bit more responsive, AND carry a higher blade speed and travel speed.

What do you think?

The price of the new engine is $600... about $500 less than a complete used Kubota 1105 with with all the ancillaries.
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Sounds interesting.

How about some pictures?
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Will get a couple tomorrow.
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Sorry it took so long, Xfax... but my source lost the bid on those engines. He's always coming across deals. I'll keep you posted.
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No problem, I don't need one.

Was just curious.