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As seen on the Portage Lake Lift Bridge lower deck today. The sled club has more work to do on the approach from the City of Houghton but the snowmobile section will be open soon.
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Glad you got snow ArlyA. We got four inches first in two years
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Great snow pics, keep them coming!
So far this season in SE NH is looking to be snowless again this year. 1st snow was a measly 3” and turned to rain, lots of rain.
Next was a 16” last week 👍 alas 2 days 50°+ and 3” rain took care of that. Today is 3-6“ and staying below freezing the rest of the week, and as usual next week is in the upper 30’s and low 40’s with you guessed it, rain 👎. Maybe my memory is shot but I remember we actually used to get snow and be able to keep it for the winter LOL. Again thanks for the pics.
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I've had a whole lot of rain this winter. Does that count? We are FINALLY getting out of this arctic blast here in the PNW. It's +5 F at 5:40 AM. Our snow - maybe 1/2 inch. Just enough to "whitewash" everything.