I smell gear oil

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Apr 12, 2011
I had my L3700SU in for repair on the broken BH 77. While it was there I had the 50 hour service done ( mine had 33 hrs) but figured what the heck. Now I just went out to move some snow piles and there is a somewhat strong smell of gear oil. It is dark and I can not see anything dripping, but where would be a good place to start?
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Well the first step is wait for some light. Then check the level of all the fluids, engine oil and hydro oil. Look for leaks and follow your nose. Is it possible that when they changed the filters some fluid was spilled on the housings and when you heated up the tractor, you are smelling this residual oil? If it doesn't leak and the levels are all good.. maybe you don't have a problem at all.

James K0UA
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If you actually are smelling gear oil... it has a very distinct aroma. The Only place on your tractor that Might have gear oil is in the front axle assembly... Most have Trans/hydro oil, but gear lube is also okay in the Front axle.... KennyV