I may have ran Backhoe out of Diesel.

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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
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We are finishing the clean up from the building of our Classis Manor Building and was moving some pallets over to an old building. I had noticed the idle was not smooth as usual is the case. When I got on a slope it surged and died.

I am going to go get some diesel and hope it did not loose prime. I hope it is just out of diesel because the engine always runs like a charm.

It is a JD 310B backhoe. Later.
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Hope it starts back up for you, sometimes restoring the prime can be a chore. My truck would always skip and speed up , before running out. Most of the time i could switch tanks and it would catch up. Bleeding injectors is a tricky job, but can be done, usually by two people okay. Jy.
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once you have to go thru the trials of bleeding a dry diesel it usually does wonders for the memory, when it comes to adding fuel before it runs out!!!

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Checking fuel always part of pre check before starting. ;)
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The only time I ran something out of diesel was with my dozer. I was back filling a trench when I got a little too close and slipped one track into the trench. The angle must have put the fuel pickup above the fuel in the tank. After bleeding the filter and water separator I then cracked the lines at the injectors. Only a tiny bit of fuel would come out and it felt like I took years of life off the starter. I then got a squirt bottle and put some diesel in it and sprays some in the air filter and got the engine to start then every time it wanted to stall I would give it a shot. After a few minutes it would run on it's own but very rough and would only require an occasional shot. After about 5 minutes it bleed the system out and it ran fine.
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Sometimes a little gas on a cloth rag, held around the intake of the air filter can get it running that first couple seconds, to get it to pull / pump through and get going again.

Just noticed you are close.
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Thanks for all the ideas.

Got lucky this time. I was so worried I forgot to prime it by hand but it started on about the 6th spin and rest cycle.

Then it started surging again and I had our son to give it the juice and it never died. I had got it to leaning on a slope when it died so it was not like bone dry I guess.

If it was not for winter starting Sat I would have pulled the sending unit since it is mounted low down on one side of the tank. Normally it reads full all of the time but after the fact I remembered it swinging like crazy earlier in the afternoon. So that can be a warning sign next time maybe.

After a lot of Sea Foam and use after I got it this spring it runs and idles so smooth so when it started the surging I became concerned. Now I know what that means and will shut it off at once but I do not plan for it to happen. I was in a rush because the son had to leave and was trying to get things done up before the coming rain. It has since ran for a couple hours at 1200 RPM while I was trenching. Digging within 2' of the corner of the new building and my digging skills I wanted low pump output. :D

Afterwards and under work lights I did get the trenching done to direct the water around each end of the new building and will try to dress that up in the morning before i have to leave. The trenches are only about 4" deep and I will work the sides in to make a shallow water way. Most of the water breaks the other way to start with.

I remember the pain for priming the MF 265 after pulling the tank and adjusting the valves and was really afraid I was going to have a pain again.
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heres something to remerber i had to learn the hard way but i wont forget it.hope this might help someone else. i had a 580 case backhoe all of sudden it acted like it was running out of fuel but the tank was full of fuel so i changed fuel filters 3 times put in conditner still no help .on top of injection pump where return line goes there is a fitting with a glass ball inside looks kinda like a marble when it get dirty or wears arough place it will let engine start and idle for a short while then acts like engine is running out of fuel.there are 2 ways to fix this you can take fitting off use a small punch and break glass ball blow out with air hose to get all of it out then put back together or if your lucky enough and have enough slack take fitting out then screw fuel line back into injection pump .then throw that fitting as far away as you can.you wont have any more problems.