3-Point Hitch Hydraulic side lift for a CK2510

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Here are a couple pics of the cylinder mounted... 1F405FFC-C9E8-434C-AA97-D6AA8B4E871E.jpeg685FA893-C9DF-4D65-B04E-15DBD2609276.jpeg

If you enlarge, you can see the adaptors.
   / Hydraulic side lift for a CK2510
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Mine did the same thing. I ended up getting #6 ORB to 3/8" BSPT adapters from discount hydraulics. They were both #6 male, one was 3/8" BSPT female, the other 3/8" BSPT male. Also a pack of the O-rings that fit the #6.

The hoses mounted directly to the fittings, the ORB type sealed first try onto the cylinder. I think the total cost including shipping was around $25.

No matter what I tried with the fittings that came with the cylinder, they still leaked. I tried a couple of thicker sealing washers and it still leaked.

If you need the part numbers for the adapters, let me know and I can dig them up.

Not sure which hoses you got or which fittings are on them.... I got mine as a set from Agri-Store.
I finally got the bottom to stop leaking. I used the smallest O ring I had and put it between the body on the cylinder and the supplied washer. The real issue is if I lift it to bypass the pressure is too great and it leaks past the washer.