How do you hang it from you bucket?

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Jan 31, 2011
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I'm new here and I have a new kubota L3540 and was woundering how everyone attaches things to their buckets on FEL? I've crused all of the photos and looked at all that showed the buckets. What have you added to your buckets to haul things with (hooks, eyes, chains, ect). I need inspiration ! ! ! Thanks in advance. David :)
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This is what I did: hooks and receiver.


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I do not have any pics, but I have a 4' section of 2" angle bolted on the top of the bucket, it has slots cut into it every 6 " or so. This allows you to lay your chain into a slot anywhere along the bucket. You just tilt your bucket back and move your load, and then to release it you tilt your bucket forward. It works very well. It also is great, because you can put any extra chain in the other slots and not worry about it dangling.
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I didn't want to weld hooks on my bucket, I didn't want to take a chance of the weld causing cracks so I made this. It's a piece of 1 1/2 sch 80 pipe with a piece of 1 1/2 x 3/8 flat bar inside for a bit more strength. I welde the hooks to the pipe which slips into 1 7/8" dia holes that were already in the top mounts of my bucket......Mike
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When I took delivery of my tractor I didn't have any welding equipment. Since I prefer to use ropes rather than chains whenever possible, this was my solution:


Add a pair of grab links from Bailey's for easy chain hook-ups:


Good luck,
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A toothbar.

Add a toothbar. I have hooks on the top of my HD bucket which are really nice to have. I like having both.

However, if you can do only one, add a toothbar. It increases FEL capacity, improves digging capability in hard materials AND gives you places to attach chains.
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Ok! I've got to make me a tooth bar, I'm in the process of making a brush rake for my bucket now (buying materials) and think I'll modify it so they will inter-change.

Baby Grand; in the 3rd and 4th picture you have a red connector, I've never seen one like that before, what's it called and where you get?
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Someone on TBN built this. Many adapters.


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