Great source for hard to find plow parts!!

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Sep 27, 2004
upstate South Carolina
Kubota M6800 4WD
Thought I would share a great resource for plow parts. Information about all makes of plows is really hard to find (or at least was for me). This site has detailed information about plowshares, shins, moldboards, etc. It includes detailed information on dimensions, hole patterns, and size of all brands in an easy to follow format. They only sell to dealers so I need to figure out who I can get to order them for me, but at least I now know what part numbers I need, and hopefully I can get them ordered. Source is Wiese Industries Home Page. Hope this helps somebody who is restoring an old plow. If anyone uses this and orders from a dealer and gets satisfaction let me know. I plan to call Valu-bilt tomorrow and see if the part numbers I need are stocked by them, or if they can get them. Some parts have to be ordered in quantities of 6, so if any one needs several parts (for instance plowshares) maybe it would work out to split an order. I am restoring an old Ford plow model 216.
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Interesting, I wonder if the founder's family is related to my wife's family. The founder has the same name as my father-in-law.