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Aug 19, 2008
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Contemplating an upgrade to a F450 from my 06 F350. I have added a rear leaf to the pack and added airbags for heavy loads on my 350 it has worked well. With the extra capability of the new 450's do i even need to add airbags....TIA!
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On paper I think the towing capacity of the 450 is less. In reality the difference is huge. The 450 has higher rated 19.5 tires, bigger brakes, bigger axels, beefier springs, stronger frame. The drawbacks if there are any would be they’re geared deep and ride hard. I have no experience with the newer trucks but the 90s model ones have 5.10 rear end gears. I really need to trade my 1 ton for a 4 or 550.


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Are you looking at new or used? There have been a lot of changes from the older models so I can't comment on newer models, but I did have a 2000 F550 with a F450 leaf pack (long story) and it was fully capable of handling my 50ft gooseneck loaded with cars.

The newer models appear to have softened up some (noticed the newer 450's can come with 17or 18in wheels instead of 19.5) and are offered with more pickup type options such as steeper gear ratios so not sure if they softened up the suspension more for certain options.

My old 550 had the 6spd manual with a 4.88 rear, not a run highway truck.
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Keep in mind that whatever you do to increase load capacity, you still are limited to the truck's original GVWR .
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It痴 a big difference. I have a 250, 350 and a 550. Depending on the year it was built, The rear axle capacity jumps up probably close to 3-4,000 lbs. with a 450 and the GVWR increases by that much, too. The 19.5 wheels and tires are where you really notice a change. They are like mini big rig tires. That allows the up fitting of bigger brakes, to better stop the heavier load.
As many Fords as I own, I知 no longer a big fan of Ford, but I will admit they build their rolling chassis to handle a lot of weight and stress. I tow at and above my 550痴 capacity quite easily.
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The 450 im looking at is a 19. It does ride a lot nicer than my 350. Supposed yo turn better with the modified front axle. Ithink the 06 350 was rated for goose hitch @ 18k.....the new 450 is @ 32k. I could be off on the numbers that was just my initial look. The 06 is good but little things here and there.....and the fit and finish of the 450 is amazing. I was one of the guys gonna be driving the wheels off into the grave. ..lol but looking at rhis thing, very well built, oversize brakes, axles, 19.5 tires.
..im a bit worried about all the gizmos, and i like gizmos....lol well ive been working rm for 6 mothns now they are almost as stibborn as me....lolol
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You will love the wide track front axle on the 450/550. It will probably turn tighter than your 06 350.
My 08 550 turns amazingly tight. Maybe as good as my 350, but a lot more truck.
Turning radius is an important feature for me.
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I guess the newer ones turn tighter? Hope so, my 2000 was the worst turning truck I've ever driven.
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I guess the newer ones turn tighter? Hope so, my 2000 was the worst turning truck I've ever driven.

Yeah, they do. It's kind of amazing how the wide track axle improved things.
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Love my F450. But I think the new ones are even more truck.

One thing that I like about my particular truck is that the GVWR is 15,000 lbs. With my 10K trailer, I'm still under the 26,000 lb CDL limit. I think the new C&C trucks are about 17,500, so it could be a consideration with CDL territory.

Also keep in mind that the F450 C&C trucks and F450 dually pickup seems different.