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Jul 29, 2013
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This might interest some. I decided to add roll out drawers to our bottom kitchen cabinets. Rooting around on our knees in the back of those cabinets is getting less fun as the time goes by. There are 20 of them so I took some time to make a clamping jig for assembling them square. See photo.

The first part of the jig is the table saw fence that is just clamped in place. The second part is the piece of square tube on the right. It is squared to the fence, then held in place with two welding clamps. The third part is the piece of square tube on the left, that is movable.

The drawer is assembled and held in place by two long clamps and two short clamps. I glue and pin the front first, then turn the drawer around and glue and pin the back. It is speedy, easy, and works perfect for drawers of all different sizes.

It has been quite a long time since I last made a stack of drawers. I did not realize until I went to the cabinet supply shop to get material for the drawer bottoms, that "1/4" plywood is now 5.2mm. Which is just a hair more than 3/16". The only real 1/4" plywood they had was marine grade pine, so that is what I got. Since I had already put a 1/4" dado in the sides and front of the drawers on the table saw. The drawer sides, back and front are 11 ply baltic birch which is an honest 1/2".

I looked up 5.2mm plywood on the internet and confirmed it is the rule now. You can get router bits and slotters in 5.2mm but dado set forget it.


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And hinges have changed too. You can still get the old style, but the newer 35mm hinges make adjustments a lot easier.
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Nice! I'm a big fan of setting up an assembly line for multiple repeat tasks. I learned that about a million years ago from my dad. :thumbsup:
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Nice job.
I’m in agreement. When I made our cabinets. I made as much repeatable as possible and made jigs.